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Sales/Purchases: Recode transactions in bulk with different tax code





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An option to recode GST allocation, Account Allocation and Client/Supplier Card would be very helpful - for users with Administrator/Accountant access only.


A competitor's program has a very simple process to re-code items which have been incorrectly recorded.


It is very easy to correct data entry mistakes and saves a lot of time by accounting staff making corrections.  (Eg: A client recently had 5 months worth of entries entered as a non-GST registered business and was then advised to backdate the GST registration. If we had a recode option like other programs, this would have taken less than a minute.  As each entry had to be corrected it took 2 days work - an unnecessary expense to the client had they been using a different program.)


"Bulk amendments and re-coding"



Contributing Cover User Mark_C11
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Contributing Cover User

This function would save a lot of time and headaches.  It should be an essential tool

Partner Jo_Schon
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Is this feature available yet?? I have a client who has mis coded a number of transactions.

Partner doogs20
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Bulk item edit is a given.

Partner Michael1001
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I  have found bulk coding during reconciliation and recoding and bulk amendments are very important features MYOB should consider when upgrading accountright &Essential  

Partner Miket
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Really need this to stay competitive with Xero etc

Experienced Cover User Nat
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Experienced Cover User

Has this feature been added yet? would be so handy.