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Search: Ability to values in windows

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MYOB has a very DOS approach to searching.  


For example, when I search for a card, I first need to select what I am searching for.  There are only 10 options - why does it not just search for my text in all of them?  This wouild remove a field from the selection screen.  If I need to filter, then that can be selected later, on the results screen.  Most searches will not return much, so most people will not need to filter the results most of the time.


Another example: When I select an account, I can search by account number (the least likely thing most of us will know) but not the text (the most likely thing that we will know)  Why not search the account number, account name, and account description, display the results of all searches, and let me choose from that?


This would save a lot of time, late at night, searching through long lists.


"Search by text, number or ID, everywhere" 

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: May 2013
Former Staff Nicole_Brand
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Former Staff Nicole_Brand
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Hi PloughGuy,


It's not clear what windows you are referring to. You may find the Ctrl + Alt + F search feature will allow you find what you are looking for.


When you are in various windows such as the transaction journal or sales register, click into the grid you want to search in and press Ctrl + Alt  + F which will bring up a search window.  This window will allow you to enter any text which will highlight and find what you are looking for within the grid you are in.


Does this help you to find what  you are looking for?



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In regards to this issue, when entering orders whethre it be sales or purchases, either select by item number or select by text is available, but not both. For myself I know the part numbers which is quicker to enter rather than searching each time between 5 different types of Spinach packaging for example,so hence the enter by Item number is switched on, but for some of the staff when entering do not know the part numbers they struggle than to find the correct part as when you go into file search, you can still only select by item number if this is selected. This has come up quite a few times where the staff turn to me and ask for the part number as it is quicker than trying to find it. Maybe a wildcard search needs to be implemented based on whatever characters are entered into the search field ie "spin" for a search for all spinach, than it can search all to do with that part whether it be the item number itself or within the description and the search returns like it would if the Item Number was not ticked in Preferences.



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In preferences you have to select whether to search by Item code or Item Name/desctiption but the search should be able to search both at the same time.


Say you are in a Sales screen entering an order. Sometimes you can remember the start of the code, sometimes you only know the name, sometimes you might know the name starts with eg. SE but can't remember how to spell it properly. So if you type in SE (as an example) it should return results in the search of all items codes that have SE anywhere in the code as well as all Item Descriptions that have SE in the description, the more you type int he search box the more specific the search becomes.


But the key is that it searches on Item code and description, you don't have to specify one or the other.


Does this make more sense?

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Further to the above discussion (now using 2014.4) I see this has been partially resolved in the Items List screen (But not in the Invoice or Purchases screens).


Having said that I would like to see a further extension of  this by way of another field being included in the Search- specifically for searching via "Tags".


Assume you sell Airconditioner Spares.

If I need to find all parts in our system that fits a "Daikin 3000" unit can type in "D3000" and everything that has D3000 in the Item Name or the Item Description will come up.

I would like an extra field that can be tagged with "D3000" that does not appear in the Name or the Description.

Reason is that the Name is too short, and the Description appears on the Customers invoice and I might not want "D3000" on the Invoice..


If I wish to also have a range of alternative (non-genuine) Filter Pad Kits in the drop-down list- I can tag the Item with "D3000" and that will also appear along with all the Daikin spare parts.

Assume the Filter Pad Kit is also tagged with "MAF90" because it will also fit a Mitsubishi Airflow 900- then it will ALSO appear in the Mitsubishi search.


How good would that be?

Can you guys also include one of the Custome Fields or another separate Tag Field in the Search criteria please?

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi @OLKroozer

Thanks for the feedback and a working example. I have shared it with the team.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2017.1, the Bank FeedsSales Register and Purchase Register are now easily searchable. This combined with the AccountRight 2016.3 improved Card List, Account List searching and in transaction searching of items makes the majority of screens searchable for clients to easily find information.


For more information the releases mentioned please see AccountRight 2017.1 and AccountRight 2016.3