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Setup: Ability to change preferences with closing windows

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In order to change the preferences (eg which periods are locked off) all the windows need to be shut down.


This is not helpful when you are 30 lines into a General Journal and go to save it only to find out that the period has been locked.  You used to be able to go into the preferences - change them and then save the transaction - now you just lose it. or you have to post it to an incorrect date - change the preferences - find the transaction again and then change the date.


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Current Status: Done
Last Changed: October 2015

We're very pleased to say that we've now implemented this feature in our 2015.4 update. You can now change preferences without closing open Windows. You can see all the fantastic improvements we've made via our AccountRight Blog.

Partner Julie_A_C
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This is something that needs an urgent fix done and which I brought to MYOB's attention a long time ago. 


It is something that is used continually by bookkeepers.

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yes please - I totally agree

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What about a visible warning (requiring re-entry of date or close of transaction) that the transaction date is in a locked period - that would stop the user entering 30 transaction lines before finding out...

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Thanks for all your feedback and votes. Our product development team are considering this request for inclusion in a future update to AccountRight 2013.
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It needs urgent change. What I find strange is that we had this in 19.5 and 18 years of previous versions and now has been altered by someone who knows better..?

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It's not a question of someone knowing better. AR2013 is a different program, and what could be happening is that various information is provided to the invoice window (and any other window) when it opens, so in order to refresh that information, the window has to be closed and re-opened. Version 19.x and earlier versions stored preferences in memory so that a change to preferences was instantly available across the program.

Partner Janine_H
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we have had a recent update, but the above preference topics was not addressed. Can you please let us know when this may be fixed. I can not use time billing as everytime I need to turn the preference for delete or reverse on, I have to shut down all the windows including time billing. This is so infuriating if you haven;t kept a record of when you started timewise. This is the must frustrating part of the new program for me now.



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Hi @Janine_H 


Thanks for your feedback.  I can certainly understand having to close the windows each time is a time consuming process.  As soon as we have more information on this, we will update this idea.

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Hi team,


Can we please get this fixed it is very  time consuming.   Sometimes it can take a while to even find the transaction you need to reverse or delete.  Only to discover you have to close out of the screen and start againSmiley Embarassed.   


It would be even better if we could have some sort of flag in the right hand corner that permanently indicates "Delete Mode" or "Reverse" Mode.   This would be most helpful. Smiley Tongue




MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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Thanks for your suggestion on how you'd like a workaround for this to work so that you could at least see if you're in the correct mode before you start working on the transactions that you want to edit or delete. I am sorry that how the system currently works is time consuming for you, this is something that we're looking into.