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Setup: Delete or Reverse option




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Currently, transactions can only be reversed when the Preferences are set to "Transactions CAN'T be changed".  I would like to have the option to delete OR reverse in the Edit drop down list so that I don't have to continually change my preferences.



"Reverse Transactions Option"


Current Status: Open
Last Changed: September 2012

Hi Donna, thanks for the feedback. What do others think? I'd be interested to know more about the scenarios where you want to switch from delete to reverse, what drives your decision to use one option vs the other?

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This is an excellent idea and I believe has already been suggested. Myob - can you pls reference the duplicated  idea and combine votes.

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Could we please have the reverse option as well as the delete option on the menu (ie without changing in prefs).  Often transactions in current period can be edited but locked period transactions need to be reversed.  It would be great to have both options on the menu as i find often people forget to untick it and also some users may be locked out of changing preferences.

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From a training persective, people should be locked out of the option to delete transactions, if the business requires the audit trail.  New and inexpereinced users have a habit of changing or deleteing things they sholldn't making it difficult from a buisness perspective to balance after the fact.

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I agree, but it would be a whole lot easier if you could set up the security preferences such that certain users (ie the experienced ones) had the option of reverse or edit at the same time.  I have voted, although I am positive this is actually a duplicate.

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Hi @Tanya_Spence


Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and reversing/deleting transactions

As per @ASWatCR's comment, I have merged your idea with this one already included on the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

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What drives your decision to use one option vs the other?


If it's due to a typo I want to be able to go in and change it. But as mentioned above there are situations when the transcation you want to change is, for example, in a locked period, or the transaction has genuinely changed such as an amended invoice but you don't want to delete the original.


It would be really handy to have both "Delete" and "Reverse" options in the dropdown, then limit to "Reverse" if the setting is ticked in preferences.

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I agree with this suggestion.


The work around at the moment...

Setup, Preferences, Security

Tick the "must be reversed option"


Close the bill/invoice thats open.

Reopen the bill thats open.

Do the reversal.

Go back into Setup, Preferences, Security

Untick the "must be reversed option"


Why cant this be an option under the Edit Menu?!

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The 'Transactions CAN'T be Changed; They Must be Reversed' function is the absolute bane of my existence.


Please change this functionality to allow mutliple options, having to go into security preferences every time you want to reverse a journal, and then having to go back into preferences to untick so that transactions can be changed is a pain in the proverbial.


There SHOULD be three tick boxes:

1 - Transactions can't be changed

2 - Transactions can't be reversed

3 - Transactions can't be deleted


Our staff need to change AND reverse transactions, we DON'T want them to delete. The overwhemling problem with your system is that the moment we allow them to change transactions, the default option is to delete, rather than reverse a bad transaction - which can cause systemic issues for our other systems which flow on from MYOB.