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Setup: Print multiple forms as one print job

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I used to be able to select a dozen invoices, print them to SnagIt, and get one file with 12 pages. Now I get 12 files of 1 page that have to be saved individually. Vote for this!


"Print multiple forms as one print job"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: January 2014

A big thanks to Stuckster for posting a workaround that people can use in the meantime while we're working on this. We're certainly happy to look into making this this change in a future update, its great to see so many votes and comments on this, anyone who hasn't already and wants to see this changed please do keep voting.

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I posted about this issue in 2014 - I can't believe nothing has changed. I ended up going back to v19 and don't think I will ever upgrade if I can help it!

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really need this function

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Is this feature available yet?