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Spend Money: Attachment documents





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Is there any way we can attach invoices to spend money.  We have around 20 Credit cards for the business and it would make life simpler if we could attach the invoices in spend money rather than entering each invoice into a purchases and paying via pay bills.


thank you


"Attaching invoices in Spend Money"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: December 2018

Hi Everyone

With the release of AccountRight 2018.4.1. I'm pleased to announce that documents can be uploaded and attached to Spend Money transactions. For more information on this release please see AccountRight 2018.4.1 now available

Partner mike_wilson
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Have the capacity to use an in tray for Bank Feed /CC bank account card transactions as we have for the purchases module.

This would then allow all Business transactions by easily looked up within MYOB.



Mike Wilson

Partner mike_wilson
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Hi Steve,


AccountRight 15.1

In an attempt to clarify the statement I am trying to say that within a Bank/ Credit card detailed transaction have the capability to attach a PDF only –

we can do this within the Transaction of a Purchase Bill

IE. The object specifically is within a Bank register of a credit card Account(MasterCard 2-XXXX) attach a docket to the transaction itself that can be easily viewed for its details hence eradicating more paper

Again such documents would be added after the bank feeed ot transaction has been added to the paticular Bank acc or Credit Card


I Hope this clarifies the concept/Issue

Experienced Cover User DerekM
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Yes please.  I'm still having to print them and keep a paper record.

Contributing Cover User GWC
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Is it possible to attached a document from the In Tray to a Spend Money transaction. It seems that this can only be done for a purchase transaction.

Partner BarryTheCat
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There should be a function to allow for a bill to be added to the In Tray so it can be attached to the transaction in the bank account.


Xero allows for this, and it is a very good function.


it will mean there is no need to keep paper copies, or file electronically in a separate directory.


Strongly suggest this upgrade.

Partner AlanT
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Hi Kim,


This request has been raised many times already, ever since the feature was released.


Let's hope that one day it happens.


I have voted for it again.





Experienced Cover User Ryan-C
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I Agree, Credit Cards/Spend Money Transactions is a area for improvement. It is a real pain working around this so as to transition to paperless.


We have tried, and concluded it takes more time than it is worth, so we have opted to continue to store scanned copies on an external storage (IE:Credit Card Statements and all Reciepts) - but if they could be scanned in and linked to a spend money area, it would be very very good

Contributing Cover User GWC
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Contributing Cover User

At present the InTray saves copies of invoices to be paid. This is great. This facility would be very useful in Spend Money. For example an electronic copy of a VISA receipt could be saved when recording the transaction.

Experienced Partner Katrina_Hamann
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I think it would be beneficial for my dealings to not only have the ability to attach pdfs to spend money but also to other areas such as sales so that supporting documents could be attached.

Partner VickiShut
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I would like to see the InTray (Smart Bill) feature for Spend Money like with Purchases.  It has become time consuming to use the feature for things like fuel bills.  Please advise when it will be available for the Spend Money feature.