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Taxable Payments: Reportable transaction from Purchase





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The existing set up is going to make the reporting at year end a nightmare if you have a high volume of contractors who invoice regularly with a mix of reportable and non reportable charges.


Currently if a supplier is marked as reportable, then all invoices will be shown as reportable unless you manually untick one. If you're going through hundreds of invoices, how will you know what to tick and untick? This is especially the case if the person responsible for putting the report together isn't the person doing all the data entry.


If you shift the tick box from the supplier card to the purchase entry screen then the decision to report a payment can be made at the time of data entry. This way, when it comes time to report at year end you'll only be able to report on charges you've considered reportable at the time of data entry which makes much more sense.


I can't see the current setup being anywhere near sufficient to help those in the building industry meet ATO requirements at the end of the year.




"Taxable Payment Reporting - Move Tick Box from Supplier Card to "Enter Purchases" Screen"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: December 2012
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Best idea I have heard in ages. Smiley Happy

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Totally agree, please implement this idea if you haven't already! Smiley Happy

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Absolutely agree, the only other workaround for this scenario I can think of is to have 2 supplier cards and really don't want to go down that path, or have a standard memo for the reportable ones and report on this

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My only concern with adding a box to be ticked at the time of invoice entry, is that staff/clients would not complete it consistenly during the year and then you would still end up in a mess at year end - so you would be having to choose the least worst option.


Or perhaps MYOB could be a step more sophisticated by having 1) a tick the box in the supplier card AND 2) GL codes that can be selected for the reporting.  E.g. When coding an invoice, if the invoice is for Goods/Material only, then it is coded to GL Account 5-1000 or if the invoice is for Labour+Goods it is coded to another GL account 5-2000.


Then when doing the taxable reporting, the report should select contractors who are ticked in their card file AND total the only the amounts coded to GL Account 5-2000 (i.e 5-1000 can be excluded from the reporting).


Do you think this would work?

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Agree there needs to be more flexibility than having to go through all the invoices again at the end of the year to see which ones should be ticked and which ones shouldn't but just moving the tick to the purchase entry screen wouldn't help me as a number of my clients don't use the purchase system - just the the Spend Money screen.  Being able to include/exclude GL codes sounds like it could work.


MYOB Product Manager Dale
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In AccountRight v2013.1 and above you now have the ability to: 1. Specify on the supplier card whether transaction should default to reportable or not 2. A check box has been added to the Purchase entry screen and the spend money screen so that you can add this at the time of entry 3. Lastly a review screen has been added for use at end of year to review all transactions in bulk and update appropriately. Note: To turn on the taxable payments feature in AccountRight 2013 and above you need to go to the Setup/Preferences menu and on the Reports & Forms tab select the option "I Report Taxable Payments Made to Contractors"
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Just to clarify, can we sort/select by GL code as part of the "review' screen at the end of the year? Per comments above. Thanks