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To Do List: Accounts Payable - Ability to sort columns

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MYOB need to offer there customers in Account Right Premier the ability to:


Sort Purchase orders by numeric value instead of alphabetical order.




I understand several years ago that numerical sorting was infact part of the program.


MYOB why did you change to alpha listing?


It has caused a issue now because when performing stock picking, warehouse staff are not traveling from one end of the warehouse to the other collecting items.


"Sorting of 'To-Do List' Purchase orders, numerically."

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MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone


By default, AccountRight 2017 will sort the To Do List>>Accounts Payable tab by Due Date. If you would like different sorting for that window you are welcome to select the column heading to sort by that particular column.


This is the same for all tabs in the To Do List.