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To Do List: Stock Alert - Use Available value

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Hi Myob,


If your stock alert works on available intead of stock on hand it would work better, because if you have orders from customers your stock alert does come up on the list but it does not transfer to you supplier order form because according to stock on hand you do not need to order the product, but according to stock availability you need to re-order for orders not send.

If people don't want that function why can you not give the option of re-order levels for stock on hand and stock available?


The Accountsright 19 works on stock levels including what is on order.


The way it is now you could either order too little because it does not take the orders of our customers in the calculation for re-order stock but only stock on hand.

It also causes to over re-order because stock that was not delivered might be re-ordered.


Just a suggestion that might help a lot.






"Stock Alert"