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3 years ago

Inventory Item List Stock On Hand Discrepancy

Hi There,


Just have an issue where the Item List is showing On Hand value that is incorrect. Please see below steps I have taken to check stock discrepancy and also how I have tried to resolve. Can you review and advise how to fix this accordingly?


Item List shows incorrect stock on hand:


Quantity on Hand is correct if you look within the item itself:


Item Register is also correct:


Item Summary Report is correct:


I have also tried adjusting in a quantity of 3 (which did show correctly as 3 on hand in the item list) and adjusting out but still reverted back to 2.2200…etc


Are you able to advise how to fix this issue? We have at least three codes that are affected that I am aware of:


Any assistance would be appreciated :)

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    3 years ago

    Hi _Zentra,


    Thank you for your post and patience.


    From looking at your screenshots, this may need a script run over the filet to correct it. However, before I run the script over your file you will need to check if you have any receive item transactions, these would need to be converted into bills before this process. Also please check the following:


    • Please go to Inventory > Item list > Inventoried tab > Click to sort by on hand (Ensure that no items are showing as having a negative on-hand value) 
    • Also please run the Inventory value reconciliation report (Reports > Inventory) and check to see ensure that there are no invalid amounts. (This being a negative or an item that has 0 on hand but a value in inventory)

    Once you have checked this and the above is fine please send me a private message with the following details:


    • Serial number 
    • Business name 
    • File ID with the issue (this can be found by going to help > About MYOB AccountRight

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    Hi _Zentra 


    Sorry that nobody has offered their assistance with regards to your query yet. Please let us know if you still need assistance with this.