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4 years ago

Inventory - Stock committed


I am having an inventory issue.

I have 10 of an item showing as Quantity on hand

The committed box is showing 52

When I click into the detail of the committed box it shows only a quantity of 2 actually committed in orders.


I have multiple item numbers with a variation on this. I do not believe that the 50 committed actually exists which makes it problematic as to how I delete somthing that doesn't exist.

Has anyone else had this experience.

Thanks Brendan

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    Hi bmghawks 

    So we can investigate this further, can you please confirm if this quantity is incorrect in a specific report or in the Stock Alert section of To do list. If possible, can you please also attach the screenshots of windows where the committed quantities are incorrect. 

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      Hi Komal,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. Is it possible for me to be able to post screenshots where they are not shown in a public forum?

      Regards Brendan