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User Access: Restrict access to certain bank feeds

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We have some staff who have just gotten their first work credit card.


They already have access to MYOB to enter bills, but that is all.


Is it possible to give them access to the bank feeds, but only the bank feed for their personal credit card?




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We have a part time accounts person who is writing invoices and checking payments from clients that come into a specific bank account.


We have provided access to bankfeeds so that the person can see payments coming in and can apply them to invoices. 


We have lots of bank accounts linked to our file and this person only needs to see one of them.


We would love to have a feature which allows us to limit or control which bank accounts user can see in the bank feeds when bank feed access is granted.


There is no reason that this person needs access to all our bank accounts and credit cards when their role only requires access to one account.


Is anyone else interested in this feature? 


Does any one have any suggestions as to how we could implement such a restriction with the current version of MYOB Account Right ?

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Just a thought to be able to specific which bank accounts a user might have in bank feeds.  IE you may not want staff to see revenue figure or 'incoming' however reconciling expnse accounts such as credit cards independent of access to 'main accounts'.