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User Access: Restrict access to certain cards

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Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to provide user restrictions to remove access to specific cards on an individual basis. Some clients have cards be it Supplier Customer or Employee that they would prefer to restrict access to on a user basis for privacy reasons. Thanks. Julia


"User Restrictions by Card"

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Is there any way of restricting users to specific supplier cards, but not all supplier cards.  There are a number of cards that users need to review purchase history etc but we have some supplier cards that we do not want users to be able to view history/information.  We use AccountRight Premier 19.14

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It would be helpful if you could lock access to individual card files as the current set up allows payroll officers, team leaders etc to be able to access the payroll details of their managers which is not appropriate

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Absolutely agree.  More flexibility in blocking access to sensitive information.  

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Hi @Renee2608 

I totally agree. It is an issue that various employees need to access card files even if they do not process payroll, and therefore can see all sorts of details.

When I queried this years ago MYOB suggested I set up a second MYOB file just for senior managers payrolls and bring into main file by journal, but you can't do that now with STP etc.

At the end of the day I think the issue is simply that MYOB was designed for small business where everyone can usually see most things ...

However I agree it would be good to be able to lock down certain peoples cards and payroll transactions from the eyes of others who might need to access other employee info.

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We have been voting for this restriction for years. Good luck. MYOB does not care about security or confidential information.