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A couple of ideas:


1. Is it possible to specify a transaction amount of transaction range ($i.e $50 to $80, or <$400) to specify which transactions you'd like to be caught by the rule?


2. When coding transactions in the bank feeds screen it would be very handy to be able to tell which actual rule was applying to the matched transaction? That way if the rule wasn't doing as you had hoped you would know which one it was to go and fix it.


3. Further to the above, when managing the rules, it would be good to see additional columns perhaps showing which account the individual rules were coded to go to. Right now I have a rule which has been coded by someone else to go straight into GST rec'd which is causing problems for obvious reasons...


4. Finally, there would be occasions that multiple rules were being applied to one transaction. There is currently no way to identify which rules those are so that you could add/change details to make them unique so that only the one that you wanted would apply.