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Bank transactions: Go back to page after transaction select

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It is really annoying if you are looking for something and you can't go back to the last page you were on -

Say you are looking for a spend money - so you go to the Transaction History, set the bank account, set the dates, find the spend money, open it, but that's not the one, so you close it - but now you have to set up the bank account and date all over again to continue looking.


"Ability to Go Back"

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I completely agree, the number of times I have used the back button and ended up back in the log in screen is innumerable. The ability to go back a screen would save so much time.


Ellen Harle

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Hi Everyone

MYOB Essentials will maintain a record of the windows that the user does go into so you can "breadcrumb" back to the selected transaction. You can see and select the breadcrumbs at the top left of the window.