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The coding report layout NEEDS a make over! I understand it is not widely used by alot of accountants/bookkeepers and business owners due to both having access to the online file, but those that do utiliese this report would find that its layout very limited with its design and functionality. 


1. When the report has a long list of transactions that exceed 2 pages, it splits the transactions up in a strange unknown way. [Eg. SEE PICTURE BELOW - WHY does this report NEED to be 3 pages long? WHY did it split the trnasction list??]. Not only is this confusing but it wastes paper. 

CODING REPORT.jpg2. Give us more options to sort by [Eg. Cheque number, not just desciption]

3. Allow more space for adding notes to the transaction [Allocate to].

4. And for accoutning practices, please have an option for BULK processing where you can set up each clients report preferences and do a bulk mail out/download for the clients we select.