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Exporting data




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There is no option to export data which is a disaster for my business as I need users details etc for other purposes. When will the simple ability to export and control MY data be avbailable?

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: May 2014

Thank you for your suggestion. Export to Excel options are available on many of the Reports in Live Accounts, adding this option to more of them is certainly something that we would be happy to consider. Please remember to vote for this idea if you would also like to see this added in.

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this needs to happen like yesterday the data is mine and i should be able to have access to it as i need it

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We desperately need this facility. Seems ludicrous that it cannot be done. 

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not much of an Essentials user myself, however I also find it ludicrous that it cannot be done.


exporting and importing is crucial to a lot of operations, including integration. not everything should be done via an API, not all Users are devs.

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Just to be able to report on any field is such a basic function that it should have been in the original package and all others after.  I can only assume this was an oversight originally but to continually ignore this essential function should be considered embarrassing for MYOB.


Not being able to export these details is equally frustrating but can be overcome by utilising other online programs, shouldn't have to, but achievable.


I can only imagine the wish list for numerous functions but at least get the basics implemented prior to advancing further please.