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Exporting of Contacts from MYOB Essentials into an EXCEL spreadsheet





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With the recent update of product from LiveAccounts to Essentials I would like to suggest MYOB allows an option to export Contacts to an EXCEL spreadsheet.


Should client wish to review details of Suppliers & Customers they currently need to review individually via the product, far easier if they could export to an Excel spreadsheet and update via spreadsheet. Would also allow review of Inactive accounts then manage into Essentials.


Can this be considered in future upgrades?

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TBH, MYOB clearly have no intention of providing exporting or importing features in their software.  They fear (And rightly so since their product is that lacking in features) that many customers would export their data in a heartbeat to CSV and import to another software package and leave MYOB altogether.

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Hi there, I need an extract of all our contacts (main objective is customer): active and inactive with all stored details: address, e-mail address, children linked to the account, DOB, age, ability etc

Helpdesk failed to assist apart from advising that I should go and do it manually contact by contact!

Extract needs to be in Excel format, so we could manipulate it.

Would appreciate a database extract as soon as practicable - manual viewing will not be an option.