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Report: Comparative month by month sales report




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I logged onto online support tonight and was told this isn't possible and sent this link to make suggestions.

I'm wanting to see what I invoiced last March and compare to this March. I can't do this???

Isn't this a basic requirement for forecasting etc...

Why cant they throw in some charts to see how sales are going so you can see trends.

Does anyone have a work around for this I dont want to key all the invoices into excel when it should be a simple query from the database.


Not sure if this has been posted already, apologies if it has.


"Month by Month sales report"

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There are a number of Add-on Solutions to MYOB that provide Advanced Reporting like this and will allow you to analyse sales by item, customer, salesperson,  custom fields (e.g. brands) etc.


These expand on the standard MYOB reporting and provide greater flexibility to look at different time periods etc.


You can find these at


Jennifer Kelly CA

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Hi Ozww123,


As Jeniffer Kelly stated, there are many addon solutions you can download and use which may allow you to analyze your data.


As a start, I recommend you have a look at our BudgetLink offering which has a profit and loss report which does allow you to compare this year Profit and Loss with last year.


Unfortunately, at this stage, it is only compatible with AccountRight 19.8 or lower.


There is a free edition of BudgetLink and provides most of the analytics people require. It can be enhanced if required and is greatly customisable It may prove to be a good starting point. Try it out and see how you go.


Best of luck.

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Just was wondering if for Accounts Live there could be a function to show how much money you had from within a date range.


Let's say recently I've had a lot of transactions...But, I want to know a 30 day snap shot of how much income was coming in for each previous month.


Is it possible to set the date ranges, then have MYOB Accounts Live total the transaction accounts for that date range?


I called in about how to do this, but custer rep. told me it wasn't possible. So, I'm here. :-(

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Hi everyone, 


The new Profit & Loss report allows you to compare this year's monthly income break down to last year's figures. You can also click on current year's figures to view transaction details. It isn't exactly a sales report, but does provide some insight for forecasting.