AccountRight 2016.1 (NZ) now available

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With this release of AccountRight, we’re making it easier and faster for you to email and invoice from AccountRight. And if your file’s online, it’s all ready for you to set up and use today!


[17/03/2016] AccountRight 2016.1.1 resolves the Microsoft security update issue: Microsoft recently released a Windows security update that prevented some clients from accessing their AccountRight company files. The 2016.1.1 release permanently resolves the issue.


If you previously installed AccountRight 2016.1 you’ll be prompted to install the 2016.1.1 update very soon. If you turned off Windows updates due to this issue, please turn it back on and install all Windows security updates after you install the 2016.1.1 update.


An easier way to email from AccountRight


If your company file’s online and checked in, you can use AccountRight to send emails to your customers, suppliers and employees - you no longer need Microsoft Outlook on your computer.




You can send a big batch of emails in a fraction of the time it used to take, and conveniently track the delivery status of your emails from within AccountRight.


Sent Emails


It’s easy to get started - click Sent Emails in the Command Centre and an assistant will help you set up your preferences.


Sent Emails button


To learn more about the new emailing feature, see the Set up AccountRight to send emails help page


Online invoicing is here


If you choose to email invoices using AccountRight, rather than Microsoft Outlook, your customers can view and download copies of their invoices online, anytime by clicking a button in the email. You don’t need to set anything up. It’s all ready for you.


Invoice Email


And don’t worry if you need to change details on an invoice. Once you save the sale in AccountRight, the online invoice will update automatically.


Online invoice


And you can easily see if a customer has viewed their invoice or not, and chase them up if they missed your email.


Learn more about online invoicing


Improvements you’ve asked for


We’ve addressed a few workflow issues that you wanted us to improve:


  • Statements and invoices will now print in the order that they appear in the Print/Email window. So you can sort the list of forms the way you want, for example by name and in A-Z order, and they’ll print in that order too.

  • The Review Cheques Before Printing window now displays payees in the Last Name, First Name format, instead of First Name Last Name, which makes sorting by name more useful.

  • We’ve made it easier for you to check in files that are for a version that’s no longer supported online. This means you don’t need to contact MYOB to check in old version files.

  • When closing AccountRight, and there are windows open, you’ll be prompted to confirm that you want to exit. This will prevent you losing data entered in unsaved transaction windows.

  • You’ll notice speed improvements when opening an online company file, especially if there are recurring transaction reminders.

And we fixed some issues too…


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Prepare Electronic Payments window to crash if the file was online and there were Pay Bills transactions.

  • Fixed an issue where the Print/Email Remittance Advice window wouldn’t refresh when changing the payment type.
  • Fixed issues that caused the Print/Email Remittance Advice window to crash when clicking Refresh, or changing the email address.
  • Fixed a spelling dictionary issue that caused AccountRight to crash when opening.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Update is available message from appearing when opening a file that someone else had updated.
  • When converting a quote to an order, bill or invoice, the Tax/GST Inclusive setting will be maintained.
  • If you select New or Open from the File menu while working on a sale or purchase, clicking Cancel in the message that appears will return you to the transaction you were entering. Previously the transaction details were not saved. 


How to update


This update will be available to all AccountRight subscribers in New Zealand over the next few days (we’ll roll out to Australian customers later, so stay tuned!).


If you’re using:


  • AccountRight 2015.4 or earlier: You'll be prompted to update when you open your company file. Or, you can download the installer by signing in to

  • AccountRight v19 or earlier: Visit to download this release.