AccountRight 2018.2.1 now available

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This release is for Australian businesses using AccountRight Plus or Premier only.

If you’re in New Zealand, or use AccountRight Standard or Basics, you don’t need to install this update - 2018.2 is the latest version for you.


New PAYG tax tables apply from 1 July 2018. Install this update to ensure your business stays compliant.


What’s changed?

Tax table changes

The top threshold of the 32.5% individual income tax bracket will rise from $87,000 to $90,000

The top threshold of the 32.5% Working holiday makers tax bracket will rise from $87,000 to $90,000

A new lower minimum repayment rate and threshold applies for HELP debts

A new tax offset called the Low And Middle Income Tax Offset (LAMITO) applies from July 1. People who qualifiy for LAMITO will recieve it as a refund with their tax return at the end of the new financial year, not as a change they'll see in their regular pay.


New Payrun Summary Details report

We’ve added a new report that lets you preview your pay run data before you record it and send it to the ATO (through STP). The Payrun Summary Details report gives you a more detailed view of the information you’re sending to the ATO, including each payroll category and the hours associated with it, and the total amounts for the current pay run.
You can generate the report during a pay run by going to the Process Payroll window > Employee Pays tab, and clicking Payrun Summary Details.


payrun details report.png

Other updates and improvements

  • Improved: (AccountRight Server Edition only) We’ve added help for a ‘Server connection lost’ error.
  • Fixed: We fixed an error that occurred for payroll categories, which prevented you from changing the STP category in files that were migrated from V19.

What do I need to do now?

Complete these steps before your first pay run in July 2018:

  1. Install the 2018.2.1 update when you are notified in AccountRight.

  2. Prepare your payment summaries for your employees and close your 2018 payroll year
  3. Once you've closed your 2018 payroll year, go to the Setup menu and choose Load Payroll Tax Tables.
  4. Click Load Tax Tables.
  5. If you have more than one company file, repeat these steps in each file.

To check that the tax tables have loaded successfully, open your company file, go to the Setup menu and choose General Payroll Information. The tax table revision date needs to be 01/07/2018.


EOFY videos, presented by Oi Yee AdamsEOFY videos, presented by Oi Yee AdamsEOFY videos, presented by Oi Yee Adams

Need help preparing payment summaries? 


Our EOFY videos are just what you need. 


We’ll also have a team of EOFY experts ready to answer your questions at selected times during June and July on Live Chat. 


Watch now


How to update

 If you’re using AccountRight Plus or Premier in Australia, you'll be prompted to update when you open your company file over the next few days, or you can download the AccountRight PC Edition now (subscription required).

Installation tips

  • When installation is complete, you won’t see a confirmation message. You can restart AccountRight immediately after installing the update.
  • You won’t see a new desktop icon for the 2018.2.1 release. You can keep using the AccountRight 2018.2 icon to open AccountRight.
  • Your company file won’t need upgrading, which means computers using 2018.2 or 2018.2.1 can open your file (but you should still install this update on all computers).
  • If you already have Server Edition 2018.2, you will be notified that an update is available, however you can’t install the update directly from AccountRight’s notification window. You’ll need to:
    1. Uninstall your existing 2018.2 release from the server.
    2. Download the full 2018.2.1 Server Edition installer (subscription required)
    3. Install 2018.2.1 on the server.
  • If you already have PC Edition 2018.2 and you choose to download the full 2018.2.1 PC installer from the my.MYOB website, you will need to uninstall your existing 2018.2 software before you can install the new version. To avoid having to do this, download the “update” or “patch” installer instead (look for a .msp file), or update when prompted in your AccountRight software.
  • If you need the MSI installer (for example you have terminal server or roaming profile network setup), download it here (subscription required)

  • If you have issues updating, see our troubleshooting guide.


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Cover User

The link to download the MYOB Server Version is incorrect.

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MYOB Moderator

Hi @mark2018


Are you able to confirm exactly where your downloading the server version from so that we can look into it? Also by incorrect are you meaning that it is downloading the wrong version, or that something else is incorrect?

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Cover User

Hi Neil,


There are 3 href links in the original post which refer to downloading / getting the update.

1. If you’re in New Zealand, or use AccountRight Standard or Basics, you don’t need to install this update - 2018.2 is the latest version for you.

2. Download the full 2018.2.1 Server Edition installer from

3. download the update from .


None of these links will take you to a downloadable update.

At least I can't find one, or find anywhere within those links that tell me how to.


2 of the three links take you to I don't have a my.myob account and also don't want one.

If I needed one to download the update, I couldn't see anywhere that said that.

I've never had to have a my.myob account before, so I assume I don't need one now.

I finally downloaded update from, not




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MYOB Moderator

Hi @mark2018


My.MYOB is our self service web portal which is one place to obtain download links that you are entitled to. We do require you to log into my.MYOB so that you can see the relevant download links for your products under the My Products >> Downloads section.


That being said I have passed your feedback onto the team.

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Cover User

Hi Neil,


Also, don't read the post, go and click on the links.

The link that says takes you to


Since 2 links are taking you to (the other to a forum),

I correctly or incorrectly assumed there would be a download link or reference somewhere on that  page.


The other "normal" place to look for software is a downloads page.

Great, I found

Which version do we have?

The Icon on our desktop called "MYOB Accountright 2018.2 SE"

The Program in add/remove programs is called "MYOB Accountright 2018.2 SE"


Please ask anyone to find the update for our version of the software.

I can find a link to an "AccountRight Live" version, but not simply "AccountRight".

Since "AccountRight Live", is a Cloud based Version, that can't be it, otherwise it would say so.


There is no reference whatsoever to a downloadable update for the software I am using.

I found some old notes of my own from a previous update I did and finally downloaded using


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MYOB Moderator

@mark2018, point taken. I've added direct links and requested "AccountRight Live" be renamed "AccountRight" on the download page. Sorry, it's an oversight.


When updates are released, we make them immediately available to everyone through my.myob and post this blog to announce the release. Not everyone is notified immediately in-product as we stagger the announcement to manage delivery. That's why we offer my.myob as an option.


As for AccountRight SE releases, the link you've used should always download the latest version of the sever edition. You'll also find it on our Getting the latest version help topic.


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Cover User

Thank you Neil,


Renaming the package on the download page will be a great help.

The other information you provided is also great. Thank you.

Contributing Cover User
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Contributing Cover User

First of all when you click on update now, it shuts down myob and then does nothing. (picture attached)


Then when i went to my portal and downloaded 2018.2.1.0, during install i keep getting this error (screen shot attached)




screen shot install fail.jpg



screen shot.jpg

MYOB Product Team
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MYOB Product Team

Hi @hookuprob


Thank you for the screenshots from the looks of the error being thrown. I recommend taking a look at our Support Note: Installation troubleshooting


That Error code is listed there with some things to try.


Please let us know how you go.