AccountRight 2019.4 is now available

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The 2019.4 release of AccountRight includes some major advances in automation and mobility. You'll need to click fewer buttons and do fewer steps with these improvements: 


A new MYOB Invoices app –– MYOB Invoices lets you track billable time, search for quotes and invoices, (Australia onlyturn payments on or off for individual invoices and select which PDF template to use for your customer’s invoices.  


Automatic bank feed delivery –– We’ll be turning on regular, automated delivery of bank transactions to your software, so your financial data will always be up to date. 


Automated approval of bank transactions –– You can choose to have your matched bank transactions approved automatically to save you even more time. 


Attach multiple documents to bills –– You can now keep all your supplier documents together, attached to the relevant bill. 


Automated unpaid invoice summaries –– Automatically send your customers an email with a summary of unpaid invoices each month. 


Plus, lots of general workflow and performance improvements. 


Track billable time with the new MYOB Invoices app 

You can now record time billing activity slips and create quotes, customers and invoices on your mobile device.  


It's all linked to AccountRight for faster and more accurate time tracking. So, when you’re on the road, any activity slips you record, as well as any customers you add, or invoices you send, will be saved both in the app and in AccountRight.  


Track Billing.PNG


In addition to this, you can: 

  • easily search for your quotes and invoices in the app 
  • (online payments users) turn online payments on or off for specific invoices  
  • choose which PDF template to use when sending a customer an invoice. 


Find out more 

For more information, see MYOB Invoices for AccountRight.


Bank feeds does even more work for you 

We know that bank feeds save AccountRight users heaps of time in transaction entry and reconciliation. But with AccountRight 2019.4, we take this a step further by automating two key bank feeds steps.  


Automatic bank feeds delivery 

We’re changing the way bank feeds is delivered to AccountRight. We’re turning on regular, automated delivery of bank transactions to your software, so your financial data will always be up to date. 


If your file’s online, you’ll no longer need to click the Get Bank Transactions button in the Bank Feeds window – as soon as your bank supplies your feed, it’ll be transmitted to AccountRight.  


Automatic bank transaction approval 

You’ll be able to save more time by opting to have your matched transactions approved automatically.  


So, if a bank feeds transaction has been automatically matched to a corresponding transaction in AccountRight, it’ll now be automatically approved, making reconciliation even faster.  


Naturally, you can undo any automatic approvals if you need to. 


To switch on automatic approvals, you just need to select a preference: 


auto approval.PNG


Find out more 

For more information, see Approving a bank feed. 


Attach multiple documents to bills 

If your suppliers send you several documents when you make a purchase, now you can attach them all to the bill in AccountRight.  


Whether it’s quotes, estimates, correspondence, invoices or receipts, now they can all be attached to the bill, enabling a complete document record for your purchases – without the bulging filing cabinet.  


The documents just need to be in one of these formats: .PDF, .JPG, .JPEG, .TIFF, .TIF, and .PNG, and no more than 10mb in size. 


attach multiple.PNG


Find out more 

For more information, see Working with In Tray documents 


Automated unpaid invoice summaries 

Isn’t it amazing how often customers can forget their outstanding invoices? Must be a specific form of amnesia! 

Fortunately, you can now set up AccountRight to jog their memories with automated unpaid invoice summaries.


automatd unpaid summaries.PNG


Once you’ve set this up, your customers will receive an email with a summary of their unpaid invoices each month without you having to lift a finger. 


Also, if you’ve set up online payments (Australia only), your customers can pay their invoices directly from the unpaid invoice summary. They can choose to pay one invoice or the whole lot in one bulk payment. 


Find out more 

For more information, see Setting up unpaid invoice summaries.  


Workflow and performance improvements 

As usual, this release includes some small changes and improvements to keep AccountRight running smoothly.  


Single Touch Payroll 

Fixed: Hourly ETP figures are now reported correctly to ATO. 

Improvement: You can sort by first name or last name in the payroll reporting centre, making for reconciliation easier.   


Category reporting 

Improvement: You can keep your category history even after the financial year has rolled over. 

Improvement: Profit and Loss reports include category histories. 


Item Register 

Fixed: The Item Register window now displays transactions when it’s filtered by an item with zero on-hand quantity. 


Card List (Detail) report 

Fixed: The Card List (Detail) report can again be generated in online files.  


Spend money transactions from bank feeds rules 

Fixed: The Cheque No. field for spend money transactions created by bank feeds rules now uses EFT instead of the cheque number sequence. 


Time billing  

Fixed: A rounding issue that resulted in completed activity slips reverting to work in progress. 

Fixed: The Line Tax column of time billing invoices now displays subtotals. 


In Tray 

Improvement: Spend money transactions include a thumbnail image of attached documents. 

Improvement: Documents can be opened from a spend money draft. 

Fixed: An issue that prevented linking In Tray documents to spend money transactions. 


Online payments 

Fixed: Enhancements have been made to the Pay Now button on recurring invoices. 


Known issue: PDF attachments in emailed invoices

In some instances, invoice PDF attachments are missing some information, such as table lines and headers. While we've been able to fix part of this problem in 2019.4, we haven't yet resolved all of this issue. We're working to fix this as a matter of priority and will update you as soon as we know more.


How to update 

You'll be prompted to update when you open your company file, or you can download the AccountRight PC Edition now (subscription required).  


If you need a different version (Server Edition, MSI, or older versions), you can find it on the AccountRight downloads page.  


For detailed information about installing the latest version, see Getting the latest version 


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Dont do the update unless you have linked all your bills otherwise you loose them all in the intray.  Also I have found today when sending employee payslips, emplyees are recieving the wrong one but MYOB is still showing the correct payslip sent.

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Hi @LJ2 


Thanks for the feedback. We are aware that some users experience a problem with documents not showing in InTray after upgrading to 2019.4. The documents are not actually lost. Our teams have done some work to mitigate this problem from occurring, a permanent fix is also in the testing stage, we expect it to be ready in the next day or two. 


As of the wrong payslips being emailed part, we haven't seen any similar reporting on this. Were the payslips emailed by AccountRight online emails, or via an email client such as Outlook? Could you please provide the exact steps you did to email the payslips, and where is it showing the wrong payslips were sent? Any screenshots (with personal information blocked out) would be most helpful for troubleshooting this further.


Kind regards,


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I upgraded to the new 2019.4 at work yesterday and at home today doing my bookwork and cannot get the upgrade notification to come up. Logged into mymoyb to download it and it says I only have 2013 available to download.  

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MYOB Moderator

Hi @kimray11 


An update installer for AccountRight 2019.4 can be found on the original article - How to Update section. Alternatively, do check out Getting the latest version for a link to the installer. 

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Thank you. Done 

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So is it safe to go ahead with the update 2019.4?  I do not want to run into problems at this time of year.  





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MYOB Moderator

Hi @Yoko 


We do recommend upgrading to the latest version of the software as soon as you as are able to do so. This is to ensure that you are getting the added benefits of that updated version.

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Where in the app do you go for the activity slip?

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I am finding the inability to change an entry after recording the entry very annoying. This, of course, was possible in previous versions of Accountright.

If a date is entered incorrectly or a job number needs to be added or any other change in the details needs to be changed the entry must be reversed and then re-entered. Not only is this frustrating it also takes time, a lot of time if it is an invoice with many items, which in effect wastes my time and costs my business money.

Given the competition from Xero etc., surely making MYOB user friendly with quick resolutions for input errors is a priority.

Why change something that was working very well and make it worse?

What is the reason behind this change?

Was it a requirement of the ATO when one-touch began?

Can I run an older version enabling me to make changes to my data as needed and still download current tax tables?

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Hello @rickycartel 

i would check your setup Preferences / Security to make sure that there is not a tick against the first item " Transactions can't be changed - - " etc.



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Thanks David_Cree, perfect.

Do these preferences change with updates?

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Hi @rickycartel 


Not usually.  Generally all your personalised settings are maintained during upgrades.





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I havent changed preferences. Whatever, all good now.

Thank you guys, much appreciated

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Hi @rickycartel 


I'm not sure which version you updated from.  If it was from one of the old Classic version 19 or earlier, I guess you may need to re-set all your preferences.  But all the updates I have done from say 2019.1 to 2019.2, I don't recall ever having to re-set my user preferences.