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AccountRight Scheduled Decommissions

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Hi Everyone


The latest version of the software: AccountRight 2023.4


Customers using the following version must update their software by the listed date to continue accessing their online company file. We do recommend updating to the latest version of the software - more information on AccountRight releases can be found on AccountRight Release.



If you use

You won't be able to open online files after

AccountRight 2023.3

29 May 2023

All dates are indicative only and subject to change. 


To give you the best possible performance from AccountRight, we only keep the most recent version in the cloud. This does mean that as new releases become available, you may need to update your software to keep working smoothly.


How do I update to the latest version?

The majority of users will receive automatic updates with every release - when an update's available, you'll be prompted to restart AccountRight to install the update.  However, the guide to ensure you are on the latest version is available on Getting the latest version


Will I still be able to open my offline file(s) after the date?

Decommissioning only impacts online file access, you can still continue to use your company file after the scheduled date of decommissioning offline (locally or your local network).


What if I need more help?

Check out our help article, Installation troubleshooting, if you encounter any issues when trying to install the update, or alternatively feel free to start a new post so the MYOB Community can assist


Previous Decommission versions


Date of Decommission

AccountRight 2022.2

26 April 2023

AccountRight 2023.1

26 April 2023

AccountRight 2022.11

22 February 2023

AccountRight 2022.10

22 February 2023