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This information applies to Australian businesses.


Online activity statementOnline activity statementGreat news - now you can lodge your BAS and IAS online, straight from MYOB AccountRight, with no ongoing need to log into ATO portals and no paper forms to fill in.


You can lodge statements for your own business or a business you work for, and if you’re a BAS agent or tax agent you can lodge statements for your clients too.


It’s quick, easy and another great benefit included in your AccountRight subscription.


Here's how it works:

 How to lodge online


  1. Let the ATO know MYOB is your software provider. This one-time task gives us permission to lodge on your behalf.

  2. Set up the GST fields of the activity statement. We’ll fill in your future statements based on this setup and your AccountRight transaction details.
    Set up your GST fieldsSet up your GST fields
  3. Review and lodge your activity statements. We’ll list the statements that are due. Review, validate and lodge them in just a few minutes.

  4. Keep track of what’s lodged. You’ll get confirmation from the ATO and details of the amount payable or refund due.
    ATO confirmationATO confirmation

Since launching we’ve received great feedback and suggestions for improvement, and we’re continuing to tweak and improve the lodgement experience for you. For example, you can now also set up the ‘W’ fields on the BAS form, which means the total wages for the reporting period as well as PAYG and other amounts you’ve withheld can be filled in for you too.



Simpler BAS reporting is here too


If your turnover is less than $10 million per year, you'll now be able to lodge a Simpler BAS. There are fewer GST fields to fill in - just G1, 1A and 1B needs to be reported.


When you set up your online activity statement, you can switch to Simpler BAS reporting by selecting the “My annual turnover is less than $10 million” option.


Simpler BAS optionSimpler BAS option

You can learn more about how Simpler BAS works on the ATO’s website, and we've got some info in our Simpler BAS help page too.



Get ready to lodge online


Before you can start lodging activity statements online, you need:

  • AccountRight 2016.3 or later
  • an active AccountRight subscription
  • an online (and checked in) company file.

Got those? Then you’re ready to go! Click Prepare BAS/IAS in the Accounts command centre and follow the on-screen instructions.


Accounts command centreAccounts command centre

And if you need assistance or have questions, see our help pages that step you through the one-time setup tasks and how to lodge online.

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can your new direct BAS filing handle reporting and claiming of WET?

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Hi @Stormflower


While you can fill in the WET fields on the online BAS, you'll need to calculate the amounts manually for now. We're looking into the ability to set up the WET fields, like you can with the G fields, so the amounts will be calculated for you.


If you've already set up the WET fields in BASlink, maybe you could grab the amounts from BASlink and copy them into the online BAS.

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Does this apply to MYOB Premier?

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Hi @AshleyM


The ability to lodge your activity statement online is available for clients using the AccountRight 201x product range (Basic, Standard, Plus and Premier) with their company file located in the cloud.

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Tried to lodge a client file through MYOB for the first time today and I got this message:


ATO has not passed validation of the return. The following will need to be fixed before you can proceed. 
The software provider has not been nominated to secure your online (cloud) transmissions.


I have called the ATO and everything is set up and in working order from their end...is there perhaps a setting I might be missing or something?

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Once you've set this up can you still lodge manually through the ATO Portal if you want/need to?

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When I tried to call ATO to nominate MYOB as my service provider, they said they had no knowledge of this and I could only lodge BAS using the AusKey?

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Good morning. 


Great to finally be able to lodge online direct from MYOB, however useless if it just directs you  to the Business Portal. 


As a BAS Agent, tell me good news that it provides a choice of being directed to the BAS Agent or Business Portal. 


Thank you, 


 AccountAble Advisory Solutions.  

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Good afternoon


Can you lodge Company Income Tax Returns through your AccountRight?


Thank you

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MYOB Product Team

Hi @Susieq


You are unable to lodge the Company Tax Returns using AccountRight, this will allow you to Lodge your Business Activity Statement or Income Activity Statement to the ATO directly.


To lodge your Company Tax Return you would need to submit this either through a Tax Agent or directly to the ATO by paper. See: Income tax return