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If you have employees, then you’ll have just dealt with paying super for the quarter. You know the routine:

  • print reports to calculate the amount of super you’ve accrued for each employee,
  • fill in the Superfund Contribution Report to send or upload to each super fund,
  • write out cheques or transfer internet banking transfers to each super

Seriously, there needs to be an easier way. The good news is there is.


SuperStream – streamlining superannuation payments

SuperStream is the ATO’s program to simplify reporting on and paying superannuation for your employees by mandating electronic payments and reporting. A key benefit of SuperStream for employers is that you can use a single channel when dealing with super funds, rather than having to manage all of them separately – saving time, and even money (depending how you currently make payments).


If you have 20 or more employees, you need to comply with SuperStream by 30 June this year. Which means you need to have selected and implemented an electronic payment and reporting process that is certified by the ATO as being SuperStream compliant.


The great news is you can make your electronic super payments and fund reports straight from AccountRight. Plus, AccountRight’s “pay superannuation” feature in the payroll console, has been cross-certified by the ATO, so you know come 30 June, you’ll be SuperStream compliant.


How does it work?

Watch this short video to learn all about how you can benefit from using AccountRight to pay and report superannuation contributions.



Start saving time now with super simple super payments


Don’t wait until the last minute to be compliant. Thousands of employers are already paying super from AccountRight, and reducing the amount of time they spend managing super.


“I am saving 1-2 hours a month, I just click a button… You can’t make a mistake.”
Ali Cinanni, High Wycombe Tavern


Get started now, by clicking Pay Super in your software and signing up. There’s nothing else to pay, it’s included in your AccountRight subscription.