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We’ve launched a new card reader for our popular mobile payments solution MYOB PayDirect. The new advanced card reader accepts ‘tap and go’ payments (PayWave and PayPass).


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The new card reader supersedes the current MYOB PayDirect card reader. It will cost $225 (excluding GST), while the merchant fees remain the same, credit card transactions just 1.77%* and EFTPOS just 27c* per transaction.


MYOB PayDirect turns SMEs’ smartphones into quick, easy payments terminals. It offers deep integration with MYOB cloud accounting solutions so payments are automatically entered into clients’ books. It also enables receipts and invoices to be delivered to their customers on the spot, helping SME’s improve their cash flow by accepting payment on the spot wherever they are. Plus the integrated solution provides significant time saving as there’s no need to rekey any customer, invoice or payment data back in the office.


Tap and go or contactless payments will be available for purchases under $100 on all contactless enabled Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards. Contactless payments is the latest in card payments technology and offers significant benefits for you and your customers.


  • Speed – process more sales, with faster transactions. There is no need for customers to insert their card or enter their PIN
  • Convenience - makes it easy for your customers to pay by simply tapping their credit or debit cards on the reader.
  • Safety and peace of mind for customers as their card never leaves their hand
  • Security of transactions that are processed through a reliable and secure network

Australians are ditching cash in favour of plastic with contactless payments multiplying monthly and businesses rolling out tap and go payment terminals to cope with demand. Australia is leading the way in the adoption of contactless payments – 54% own a contactless card and 45% having made a purchase using one.^ Furthermore, 60% of contactless card users use their cards at least once per week, up from 43% in 2014.^


General Manager, SME Solutions James Scollay says, “MYOB PayDirect has been a huge success in making business life easier by helping SMEs to improve their cash flow.”


“64% of Australian consumers prefer to pay for goods or services via card. More than half have walked away from a sale or service because they couldn’t pay via card.”


We’ve had great feedback from customers piloting our new card reader, Ivan Zarezkij, Iv’s Burritos says “It’s a fantastic product, I reckon MYOB should release this to public ASAP.”


“Having contactless reader is easy to manage and quicker for customers to pay,” says Maroth Phan, Beaufort Express Deli.


For more information visit the MYOB PayDirect web page.


*All prices are exclusive of GST

^ ‘Global Payments Evaluation Study’, RFI Group