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AccountRight 2017.2 now available

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7 years ago

This release you’ll find an easier way to tidy up your tax or GST codes list, preparations started for Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting, and an advanced search that makes finding invoices easier in Payments Received. Oh, and the WIP button is back.


Also, we’ve made over 40 small changes, which means you’ll enjoy reporting enhancements, improved workflows, and fewer issues. Look out for the green tick  to see which of your requests made it from the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

Combine tax / GST codes

Simpler BAS is, well… simpler. But, those tax codes you don’t need anymore are just clutter.

You’ve got tax codes you’ve used before, but don’t need to use again. You want to keep the history of these tax codes, so are not keen to delete them altogether.


Now you can combine these tax codes, keeping the history of them both. And yes, in New Zeland you can combine your GST codes too.

There are a few rules around it, but the basic steps are:

  1. Go to the Lists menu and choose Tax Codes (Australia) or GST Codes (New Zealand).
  2. Click Combine Tax Codes (Australia) or Combine GST Codes (New Zealand).
  3. Select the code to keep, the code to delete and then combine.

Combine tax codes to keep the history of both

Advanced search makes finding open invoices easier in Receive Payments


Some days seemingly random payments appear.

Woohoo! Except now you have to track down which open invoice they’re for.

Search by amount or invoice number by using the Advanced Search when in the Receive Payments window. Idea: Identify Invoice # within Receive Payment 


Use the Advanced Search to find an open invoice


WIP button is back!


We know you’ve missed it.


View and add work in progress activities when creating a time billing invoice. To view activity slips that haven't been fully billed to the customer, click WIP from the invoice. Idea: Please put the WIP Button back on Time Billing invoices 


The WIP button. How we've missed you!


Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting is on the horizon

It’s a big change, but we’ve got your back.

Your payroll information will need to meet ATO requirements when STP arrives, so you’ll see a few changes to AccountRight when adding new users and new payroll categories. Specifically,


  • Employee TFNs validate as soon as you enter them in Employee Cards.
  • There’s a new field in some payroll categories, STP Category. You can map this now if you want, but we’ll be providing more info on this soon.

Keep visiting our Single Touch Payroll reporting help page. This is where to find out what steps you need to take, and when.


Here’s what else we improved and fixed


Accounts and banking

  • Improved: Figures entered using the calculator in the Prepare Budgets window are now always rounded to 2 decimals, resolving all rounding errors.
  • Fixed: Leading and trailing spaces are now removed when copying recurring transactions.

Backing up and restoring

  • Fixed: Previously, you couldn’t restore a company file that had the file extension of .MYOX (all capitals). This has been fixed.



  • New: There are new columns to choose from when viewing employees in the Cards List. The following fields are now available from the Field Chooser: Date of Birth, Custom Field 1, Custom Field 2, Custom Field 3, and Termination Date.


  • Fixed: When you’re in inventory and choose to auto-build an item, if the memo exceeds 255 characters, the memo changes to “Build Items”, avoiding an error message.



  • Fixed: Inactive items no longer appear in time billing invoices.

Payroll and Pay Super

  • Improved: When you create a new superannuation fund and you are registered for Pay Super, the fund’s registered name will override the text you’ve added to ensure the correct fund is paid.
  • Improved: BSBs are now automatically formatted and validated when you enter them while registering for Pay Super (Australia) and in the Payment Details window in the employee card.


  • Improved: The Superannuation Accrual by Fund Summary, Accrual by Category, and Employee Advice Summary reports now have a Grand Total row so you can easily see the total amount of superannuation paid to all funds. Idea: Grand Total on Superannuation reports  and Idea: Total on Employer Super Advice [Summary] 
  • Fixed: The Grand Total row in the Purchases Supplier Summary and Purchases Supplier Detail reports now display in AccountRight Premier.
  • Fixed: In the Purchases [Supplier Detail] report the Ship Via fields now display correct data.
  • Fixed: You can again sort by User ID or Session date in the Journal Security Audit report. Idea: Session Report  
  • Fixed: Employee birthdays are now in Australian date format of dd/mm/yyyy in the Cards List Detail report.
  • Fixed: We’ve fixed an issue in some reports where the leading zeros were missing or had incorrect spacing. Idea: Exporting to Excel - Remove account number indentations 
  • Fixed: The problem with the General Ledger [Detail] report and Reconcile Accounts window where the employee’s name didn’t display in the memo when the “Display Payee…” preference was selected has been resolved. The employee’s name now displays when this preference is selected in the report and when reconciling accounts. Idea: bank reconciliation  and Ideas: Bank Register 
  • Fixed: Previously, when you adjusted column widths in a custom report, the width changes weren’t saved. Now, the column widths are saved so you don’t have to adjust them again when you open the report.
  • Fixed: The Job Budget History report has been tweaked, to reducing the risk of the report timing out.
  • Fixed: When you export multiple reports to Excel, they all open in the same instance now, so the reports can reference cells in each other.
  • Fixed: We’ve fixed an issue where some reports had leading space.

Usability and UI

  • Fixed: A more user-friendly message displays when you create a batch payment with an employee that has an invalid country selected.
  • Improved: The Back up button has been added to the Combine Accounts and Combine Cards windows, so you can back up your company file before combining these items.
  • Improved: When you load revised tax tables, you’ll now get a confirmation message when they’ve successfully updated.
  • Improved: If no cards match the terms you’ve used when searching in the Cards List window, a more useful message displays to let you know.
  • Improved: The shortcuts in to the To Do List window have been improved. The new shortcuts are:
    ALT+U Recurring Purchases
    ALT+O Purchase Orders
  • Improved: To remove confusion when selecting a supplier or employee from the Enter Activity Slip or View Activity Log window, the Employee option has been renamed to Card.
  • Improved: For consistency, the search in the To Do List window now has the X icon ( ) you can use to clear the search.
  • Fixed: AccountRight no longer crashes when using the left or right arrow when in the Search field in the Bank Register window.
  • Fixed: Some text in the Import and Export Assistant has been improved on, making step 3 much clearer.
  • Fixed: Grammatical errors have been fixed in the error message you get when exceeding the number of transactions in a company file that’s not been activated.
  • Fixed: When paying an employee that has negative leave, a warning message will only display if paying leave to the employee in that pay cycle. Previously it would display even when you weren’t.
  • Fixed: The date you select in the Bank Register window stays after you’ve pressed [ALT+T] and opened the Spend Money window and then return to the Bank Register.
  • Fixed: A minor spelling error when registering for pay super has been fixed.
  • Fixed: The Reset to Original Amount and Create New Payroll Category buttons now only display when viewing or editing an employee card, and in the Payroll Details tab.
  • Fixed: The double lines in the File menu when working in a local or checked out company file have been removed.
  • Fixed: When entering or editing a bill, you can no longer exceed the character limits of these fields: Purchase No – 8 characters; Journal Memo – 255 characters. Idea: Warnings for exceeding number of characters 
  • Fixed: The hyphen is now automatically added to the BSB entered in the Applied Payment Details window, from either Receive Payments or Receive Money, when the payment method is cheque. Idea: BSB Entry Improvement 
  • Improved: You’ll no longer get an error if you accidentally add a space at the start or end of the Recurring Transaction Name when entering a recurring transaction.
  • Fixed: We’ve removed the (SYSTEM) user from the list when adding or editing a recurring transaction alert.
  • Improved: In the Preferences window, in the Banking tab the wording for the “Display Payee…” checkbox is now clearer that it also includes reports.
  • Improved: In both the Sales and Purchases registers, if no match is found for the search criteria, then the message shown in the list has been updated to display that no matches were found. Previously, it was showing "Loading”.
  • Fixed: Previously, you couldn’t update Preferences if you had an item in inventory with a negative on-hand balance. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed: You can no longer deselect the Administrator role from the Administrator user. Previously this would result in no administrators for the company file.
  • Fixed: Previously, when exporting reports to Excel, values of "0" were formatted with an extra character after the zero, preventing Excel formulas from working with these figures. This fixes this issue, so that the exported values will work in Excel.
  • Improved: You can now access the Security Centre from the Services menu, which you can use to turn two-factor authentication (2FA) on or off.
  • Improved: When you search for transactions using the Find Transactions button or [CTRL+Y], the focus automatically goes to the search field in all tabs, the same as it did in v19. Idea: Have cursor blinking ready in Sales invoices Search window when performing Search All Items 
  • Fixed: When you are working in the Accounts List, and you create a new account, once you’ve finished creating the account the list no longer scrolls to the top and selects the new account.
  • Fixed: When working with drop-down fields, you can now double-click and select a word in the field, and when you highlight all text in a field, then press the arrow left or right, the cursor moves to either the start or end of the field.


Upgrading to the new AccountRight

  • Improved: We’ve changed some of the messages you’ll receive when upgrading from AccountRight v19 so you can better understand when to keep your files local, and when to go online.
  • Fixed: There was an issue when upgrading to the new AccountRight where the custom form for Invoices > Time Billing wouldn’t show the Inc Rate field. This is fixed, and Inc Rate successfully migrates in the custom time billing form.
  • Fixed: When upgrading to the new AccountRight, numeric fields now migrate over consistently in custom sales or purchase fields. This includes showing leading zeros, commas, full decimals and negative values in brackets ().


  • Fixed: We’ve fixed an issue where the incorrect account was credited when an order or invoice paid via the API was converted into an invoice. The correct linked account is now credited.
  • Fixed: When receiving journal transactions via the API the ReconciledDate field always returned “null”. It now returns the mapped date of reconciliation.
  • Fixed: We’ve fixed an issue where sales or purchase orders converted from quotes via the API didn’t have the correct order type. Orders converted from quote via the API are now in the right layout.
  • New: PayrollCategory has a new StpCategory field which is read only for all endpoints except WageCategories.
  • Improved: Employee TFNs are now validated against ATO validation rules. This may cause warnings of an invalid TFN is entered. Previously TFNs were only checked for length and/or if empty.
    Error/Warning: EmployeePayrollDetails_InvalidTaxFileNumber
    Message: The Tax File Number entered isn't valid.
  • New: The Combine Tax Codes feature allows users to merge one tax code into another and delete the unused tax code. API connected solutions attempting to use a tax code that has been combined will receive an error that the tax code does not exist.
  • New: The /GeneralLedger/Account endpoint now returns the last bank reconciliation date.
    Values (apply only for the LastReconciledDate field):
    NULL if the account has not been reconciled
    Date in YYYY-MM-DD-T00:00.000Z format


Updated 7 years ago
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