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AccountRight 2018.3 now available

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6 years ago


Multi-currency for importers is here

If you’re an importer and you already have an AccountRight Premier online file, you can now turn on multi-currency!



In this release you can create purchase orders and bills in foreign currencies, make payments and track realised gains and losses, and more.


For a run down on exactly what multi-currency can and can’t do in 2018.3, see our multi-currency information page.


Multi-currency is still being built, so in this release it only works for importers. If you’re an exporter, multi-currency won’t work for you yet—but stay tuned, we’ll make it available for exporters in a future release.


More features for your in tray

This release makes it easier to manage invoices—now you can get invoices sent directly to your In tray from certain suppliers, and forwarding invoices is easier with the In tray’s new unique email address.


Plus, the In tray now refreshes automatically, so you don’t have to click Refresh to see new documents.


Get supplier invoices sent straight to your software, from more suppliers

We’ve partnered with Reece (AU and NZ), Metalflex (AU), Actrol (AU), and OfficeWorks (AU) to bring you even more supplier invoices, delivered straight to your In tray.


Every time you make a purchase from one of these suppliers, they’ll send a copy of bill straight to your In tray. When you create a bill from one of these invoices, line items like tax codes, descriptions, and costs are automatically imported.


Stay tuned for more supplier partnerships in the future!


Get set up with automatic supplier invoices.


Forwarding supplier invoices to your In tray just got easier

Each In tray now has its own unique, secure email address. You can forward invoices directly to your In tray from any email address, as if you were sending it to another person.


If you have more than one company file in AccountRight you’ll still be able to send your invoices to the right one, because each company’s In tray has its own email address.


Best of all, you don’t need to set it up - just update to the latest version of AccountRight and it’s ready to go.


To find and use the new email address, go to your In tray, click Email Address, then Copy email address and save the address as a contact in your email account. Then, simply forward any invoices you receive to this email address and they’ll appear in your In tray.





Improved: The In tray now refreshes automatically, so you don’t have to click Refresh to see new documents.


Fixed: A bug was causing line item prices on In tray bills to match the price set in AccountRight, rather than the price from the original invoice. We’ve squashed that bug.


Fixed: If a supplier card has the Reportable Taxable Payments option enabled, then any bill created from the In tray also displays that option.


Invoice Payment Reminders

Get paid faster and save time chasing up payments with invoice payment reminders.


Calendar reminders for customers

Now your customers can create calendar reminders to pay an invoice you’ve sent them, from the invoice itself.



When you send a customer an invoice through AccountRight with invoice payments enabled, your customer can click a Remind Me button to add it to their calendar. Reminders work for most calendars, including Google, Outlook, Office365, Gmail, and Apple Mail.


A reminder will appear two days before the customer’s invoice is due, and appear again on the due date unless they’ve already paid. From this reminder, your customers can open the invoice and pay it easily. 


Coming soon: email reminders for unpaid invoices

Soon you’ll be able to set AccountRight to automatically send email reminders to to customers with open invoices (online invoices only). Stay tuned—email reminders are set to be released in October, and you won’t need to update AccountRight to use them.


Single Touch Payroll

Setting up Single Touch Payroll (STP) is even easier with several improvements and fixes we’ve made in the last few months. These changes have already been made without you having to update AccountRight—so you might have already noticed them. We’re just bragging, really.



Finalisation: Employers can terminate employees and notify the ATO through STP, removing the need to prepare part-year payment summaries. Learn about Finalisation in Single Touch Payroll reporting.



Turn on STP from the report page: If you don’t see any reporting in the online reporting centre, but you've completed a pay run, you can now manually turn on STP from the report page.


See why your payroll reports haven’t been sent: Find out why your payroll reports have the status of Not sent, and how to resolve this with clearer information when you check the report.
Go to Payroll reporting centre, click the ellipsis (...) button, then click View report details.


Special characters: To make sure your payroll reports are accepted by the ATO, you won't be able to put special characters (like @, #, $, %, &, *, !) into the Authorised sender field when you process payroll.



That's all for this release—see you in a few months for 2018.4!

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