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Forum weekly update #94

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10 years ago

Hi all,


I hope you’ve all had a chance to read the latest instalment in our Getting to Know series.


I really enjoy the chance to chat to some of our most frequent contributors to the Community Forum like Geoff Young. I find it inspiring how generous they are with their time and how keen they are to share their knowledge and experience with others.


Geoff, for example, has made over 1200 helpful posts on the Community Forum and can regularly been found scouring posts for opportunities to share his vast experience in the very early hours of the morning.


I also love to hear more about the varied and interesting backgrounds of our top contributors, and how much change they have witnessed in their lives, like Geoff's move from huge leather-bound tomes to using computers for accounting.


If you’d like to recommend a candidate for our Getting to Know series of interviews, please let me know.


It’s remained very busy on the Community Forum, with 340 new members joining the community this week and over 1130 posts submitted, including 400 from the MYOB team. A very warm welcome to all those community members that have recently joined us.


Our top contributors this week were fiona-s, PaulBihet, Julie_A_C, The_Doc and Dee-Workman.


Congratulations also to fiona-s, PaulBihet, Dee-Workman, jenniek, Mike_James and Nicquel_Walker who all had multiple posts marked as solutions.


A huge thank you to all those community members who shared their expertise this week on the forum, providing such terrific assistance to so many community members.


I’m off for the next fortnight on leave but will leave you in the very capable hands of Suja and the rest of the support team.


Love your work,


Jason Hill

Community Manager 

Published 10 years ago
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