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2 years ago

Mac Edge with inventory to Browser with inventory

Hi Bruno 

Currently this customer uses his Mac (with Mac Edge and full inventory)

I'm thinking of starting up a new file for the customer and importing the stock (which will be cleaned up first). He wants to use full inventory on the browser. I would estimate < 1000 items.

So the big question is - can i import the inventory and then enter the count or would you set up the file on the desktop version then it would be available on the browser for him to use..


Or do i transport his file from Mac to v19 then to AR 2022 and then it will be available on the browser?

Not sure - will rewatch video..!

Cheers Lynley





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    Hi LynleyAveris ,


    Both MYOB Business and Accountright have the same browser inventory capability, however Accountright desktop (PC only) is a more feature-rich application, the full comparison here. Please compare the feature sets, to make sure that all needs from your customers will be met. 


    Both systems allow item importing, help files with the how-to below:
    - MYOB Business
    - Accountright


    Please note that this will create the customer's item's list (catalogue), after that you will need to bring his stock quantity and value in via an inventory adjustment, Accountright allows bulk import of stock quantities and value, but on MYOB Business this needs to be created via the Inventory Adjustments screen.

    If you get stuck, please do let me know ;-)