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I have set up a contractor as an employee, however, I pay his super quarterly but the pay run will only allow weekly, fortnightly or monthly and so the dates are incorrect for when I want to pay his SGC. ie. I just set up the pay run date for the month of April because I couldn't do for the quarter and showed it is paid 05/05/22. Now when I go to pay super it will only allow the payment date to be included but there is nowehere to change to contribution date to 01/01/22 to 31/03/22.


How can I do this as it is a regula quarterly payment I need to make for the contractor but he doesn't get paid a wage?


Thanks, Jan

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    Hi AAAUnit 


    Thanks for your post. 


    When you need to pay super to a contractor you need to do this by following the below steps:

    • Create an Employee Card for the contractor and fill out all relevant employee and Superannuation information for this card. 
    • Start Pay run
    • Zero out all figures in the Pay run
    • Manually fill out the superannuation amounts for the PaySuper guarantee on the right hand side
    • Once this is done, go to Pay Superannuation window to make your payment of super

    You can disregard the dates as they will all fall in that same quarter.