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2 years ago

What actually is sent to the ato with stp.



I'd like to know if the hourly rate for each employee is sent in the stp report or does myob just send gross and tax withheld eoy totals at the time of reporting?


Reason is if you need to do a daily payment and you use 1 hour as equivalent to a daily rate and report 1 hour for each day since myob doesnt have daily rate.


Is there a way to view the raw stp data sent that the ato will collect?

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  • Hi crgrigg22


    Thanks for your post. Our Help Article Setting up Single Touch Payroll reporting has information and instructions on what details are checked during setting up STP. When you send an STP report via STP reporting your employees year to date figures will be sent to the ATO, this ATO link also has information on this. 


    You can view what you've sent to through STP reporting via the STP reports tab, information on the reports available is listed on this Help Article View Single Touch Payroll reports