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2 years ago

Opening estimated leave accrued since anniversary

Hi, I've recently started using Essential Payroll. My employee is a permanent part-time employee who works three days a week for six hours a day. He is entitled to 72 hours of annual leave per year, which equates to 6 hours per month. The anniversary date is January 1st. In my previous system, he has 156 hours of annual leave as of August 1, 2022.


How does the rolled-over leave work in this Essential Payroll? Assume he does not take any hours of leave this month; is the 6 hours of leave for the month automatically added, and the balance on 1 September will be 162 hours?


Do I need to fill out the Opening estimated leave accrued since anniversary?



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  • Hi P22


    Welcome to the Community Forum ! And sorry to see that no one has replied to you yet, if you're still having issues with this I've linked below some information on how Leave works in your file and how it is calculated:


    Do let me know if you need further help.