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9 months ago

MYOB Business-Super Calculations

Hi All,


Super calculations are monthly, and the system makes the required adjustments automatically

depending on whether it is under/overpaid.


To check whether it has been set up correctly, the trick is to do a dummy pay run.


Note: No need to record the pay, it is only for testing.


Do a pay run making the pay on a date in the next month when no pay has been processed. Enter an easy-to-calculate amount such as $1000 as the base hourly/salary and check if super is calculating the correct percentage of this amount.


If this calculates correctly then no issues with the Super calculation setup up and the incorrect super calculation could be likely linked to auto-correcting current month calculations


If the amount is incorrect with no pays processed for the month, then it means the setup of super is incorrect and it is time to review the below settings.



  • Check the Calculation Basis is set to the current percent of Gross Wages. If something other than Gross Wages is selected it means it is only calculated on the selected wage category and no others.
  • Check there is no amount in Exclusions. If there is it means the amount entered is excluded from accruing super on every pay.
  • Check the Limit, if there is a limit set this will mean super will not accrue based on this limit.
  • Check the Threshold and ensure the current Threshold calculation amount is entered.
  • Check the Exempt wage categories.

Hope these tips will come in handy while troubleshooting super issues.



Priya Selvaraj