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2 years ago

Customise invoices : Unit price after discount %

Does anyone know how to customise an Item Invoice so that the discounted unit price will show after the discount % has been applied? Tax inclusive. I can't find a field for this. I currently have these fields: Qty units, MyItemNo, Description, Inc-price, Disc % and Inc-Amount. This gives me the original unit price, the % of the discount and total amount for the full quantity after the discount has been applied. I'd like my customers to see what the discounted unit price is.

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    Hi Protiling 


    Thank you for your post.  To add or remove fields to your invoices, go to; Setup > Customise Forms > Invoices > Select the desired form > Customise.


    Then right-click on the table and there is an option for a Disc% column, which will show the discount.


    See our Help Article for more information on that topic: Personalising forms.   

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      We understand how to customise the forms but the option of a column is not available ie the unit price after a discount has been applied eg unit price is $10 discount applied 10% we want to show the unit price is $9.


      How can we show the unit price after discount on an item invoice?




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        Hi Tonia1 


        Thank you for your post. I'd like to extend you a warm welcome to the Community Forum. I hope you find it a valuable resource.


        At the moment there's no option to customize the field in the layout of an invoice. In item layout it will only show unit price/ discount/ total or amount.


        As we valued and appreciate your suggestions and feedbacks. We'll relay this to the relevant team. It would be great to share your ideas/ feedbacks to our Product Ideas board for consideration by our developers.