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3 years ago

how to enter electronic payments

how to enter electronic payments via bank feed which cannot be matched from myob account right plus

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  • Hi nasus 


    Thanks for your post. Electronic payment transactions need to be processed through the Prepare electronic payment window. If you've done that and the electronic payment is not appearing in the Bank feeds window for matching:


    • go to Find transactions>>Account tab>>filter by the electronic clearing account>>locate the electronic payment transaction>>click on the zoom arrow to open and check the bank account and date are correct
    • go to Reconcile accounts>>locate the electronic payment transaction and check if has been ticked. If it is ticked it means the transaction has already been matched and won't appear in the Bank feeds window

    If you continue to have trouble matching the transaction send me screenshots of the Bank feeds window and the electronic payment transaction. Please make sure sensitive information is removed from screenshots prior to posting on the public Forum.


    If my response has answered your enquiry please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information.