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2 years ago

Line appearing on customised invoice

I have a fine line appearing at the top of my customised invoice. It does not appear in the customised form print preview, nor when I am in the customised form itself and I print the invoice. When emailed to the customer from Print/Email Invoices menu (invoice now converted to PDF), the line is appearing.  How can i get rid of this? Attached scanned printed copy of invoice from customised form window and also cashsale invoice as emailed and converted to pdf. TIA ...

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    Hi kyleenich 


    Thanks for your post. Thanks for your post. These grey lines when saving to PDF is generally caused by the PDF driver you are using. If you don't have CutePDF installed I'd recommend installing and testing it as other users have successfully resolved this issue by changing PDF drivers.


    I recommend going through this help article if you have any further questions: Printing from AccountRight.