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2 months ago

Inconsistency in leave balance after reinstating employee



I have just reinstated an employee in MYOB AccountRight.  There is now an inconsistency in Entitlement reporting:


1. When I run the Entitlements reports, the employee is showing with negative entitlement balances (equal/opposite to his leave balances when he was terminated).


2. When I check his Employee Card, the leave balances on the Entitelements tab are all zero - which is correct, given he has just been reinstated and not had a pay yet.


I have read the various posts regarding reinstating employees and issues with leave entitlements, but can't see one that addresses this issue.


In order to reinstate the employee, I followed the recommended process (Reinstating an employee (  It did not give any warning of potential issues or give any recommendation to consider creating a new employee record.  This showed up after I had done the work to reintate the employee.


Help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.





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    Hi caroleob,


    Thanks for reaching out. I'm happy to look into this for you. Could you please send me the following details via private message?

    • The employee's name
    • The date of termination
    • The date of reinstatement
    • Serial number
    • Your name and email address.
    • Company File ID (Help>About MYOB AccountRight)
    • Screenshot of the Entitlement Balance Detail Report showing negative figures.


    We're looking forward to your response.



    Kind regards,