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3 years ago

Long Service Payment not showing Gross Payment totals for EOM reporting


I am currently processing our BAS for the month of April and have noticed that a Long Service Leave payment that was made to an employee has not been included in the Gross Wage  on the BAS Report.  I have checked that the Long Service Wage category has been set up correctly.  What else should I be looking at . 


Your help is appreciated.  

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    I suggest that you locate the payroll transaction that is missing.

    To do this go to transaction journal ( in the payroll screen - middle bottom )

    Select the payroll tab and the date you want


    This will bring up the allocations for the pay in question


    See which account it has been allocated to - This may shed some light to where it is sitting.


    Be aware that long service won't show as a seperate entry in the P&L but will be rolled into wages.


    Hope that helps



  • Hi DebL67 


    Great to see that Lisa has offered assistance with your issue.


    The figures in the BAS fields are prefilled based on the payroll categories selected in the BAS setup. If you have created a new payroll category or have used one for the first time you do need to add it in the BAS field in Online BAS>>Settings>>Set up activity statement fields.

    Please let us know if you need further help.


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