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2 years ago

No GST amounts showing in BAS



I am using MYOB Accountright and am trying to ledge my BAS.

When I "update from ledger", only the PAYG amounts are coming through and the GST is missing completely.


I change the setting to turnover greater than $10m and updated all the activity fields for sales and purchases to GST but it is still not pulling them through.


I checked the expense accounts and they are correctly classed as GST.


Why is this happening?





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  • Hi Anthony_RDG


    Thanks for your post. Are you still having issues with this ? If you are you, can you please provide a screenshot of the updated activity fields and how the fields appear when attempting to lodge bas. 

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      Hi Melisa


      I am still having issues. This is what I am seeing. Just PAYG and no GST.

      I called the ATO and they did not know why. Could it be because I am an annual filer and not a monthly or quarterly filer? The company only started business 31-Jan-22 and started paying employees and incurring expenses from 1-May-22. I lodge the May BAS with just PAYG. But June will be our year-end so not sure why it is not showing in the BAS.




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        Hi Anthony_RDG 


        When you open a statement from the Activity statements window the form that appears comes from the ATO with the required fields. Those fields are then prefilled from your software. Looking at your screenshot it does appear to be a PAYG only activity statement. You would need to check with the ATO regarding your GST activity statement.


        Please let us know if you need further help.


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