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2 months ago

Applying Partial Payments in Business Lite



I have MYOB Business Lite.

I send an invoice to customer quarterly.

The send me a weekly transfer. How do I apply / allocated that partial payment to the outstanding invoice from the bank feed?

There does not seem to be an option to do this under Allocate Me drop down list box from the bank transactions page. 


What I do see is that I Allocate the transaction to the Sales Account, it is brought in as  Cash Receipt, which is being treated as a duplicate. Which is great for the P & L Report, bit not so good for the actual cash in the bank.


Thanks in advance



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  • Hello,


    MYOB Business Lite doesn't have a built-in function to allocate partial payments from the bank feed directly to outstanding invoices. However, there are a couple of workarounds you can use to achieve what you need:


    Workaround 1: Manual Allocation via Receive Payment


    Create a Receive Payment:  Instead of allocating from the bank transaction, navigate to the Sales menu and select Receive Payment.

    Select Customer and Invoice:  Choose the customer mary kay in touch you received the payment from and select the outstanding invoice in the Invoice field.

    Enter Partial Payment Amount:  In the Amount field, enter the partial payment amount you received from the customer's weekly transfer.

    Allocate Payment Method:  From the Payment Method dropdown, choose the appropriate account associated with the customer's transfer (e.g., bank account).

    Save the Transaction:  Click Save to record the partial payment against the selected invoice.


    I hope the information may helps you.