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4 years ago

Customising Job Profit & Loss Report

I'm trying to customise the Job Profit & Loss Report.  Our client has various Job's set up and they want to move all of the Income to the top and tally each one and then a grand total and the same wi...
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    4 years ago

    Hi JoLaurent 


    The Job Profit & Loss Statement report available in AccountRight will produce the information for one job before moving across to the next job. As such, each job is segregated and doesn't allow for the user to have the full list of income for all jobs followed by the cost of sales for all jobs...


    AccountRight does have the ability to consolidate a Job Profit & Loss Statement report, this would take all the jobs selected and combine the values into the one set of profit & loss. This is done by selecting the Consolidate option after selecting the Jobs.