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5 years ago

MYOB Advanced Community

I'm going to agreed and reiterate what dan_00 (user name) mentioned last year on the below thread.


MYOB should be setting up a seperate (if not linked to here) community for MYOB Advanced users.  I understand that there are business partners etc which you use to install the software. But often the answer you get isn't necessarily the answer you are directly after, or that you have to pay for the answer/fix when someone else out there will have already come across an answer for your question/issue.


SAP have a community for it's users of all their products (even though they have installation partners as well).  For MYOB to wip their hands of MYOB Advance and not add a community for users is poor form for MYOB. 


It's your product, so you should be taking pride/ownership of it and providing users with a communal place to ask questions from other users of the software and get answers/advice from other people who have/are using the product.



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