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5 months ago

Accountants office unable to Launch the AO Ledger

Hi Everyone.


For the last two days we have been unable to "Launch the AO Ledger" for any of our clients.


Is anyone else having this problem?


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    I have the same problems, until now MYOB still ask me to wait

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    Can't even get a response from MYOB. this is essential for our practice to complete year end work. Come on MYOB, please look into this as a matter or urgencey, especially when we pay so much to have your program.

  • It is still happening today 31/01/2024 - this prevents me from doing anything - 3 days already

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    Does anyone have an MYOB account manager? Ours left so I cant even find out what is going on. Please MYOB respond. We all have deadlines for BAS's.

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      Hi Raychel


      Thanks for the response. 


      I can understand why we could assume the issue is connected. As of now though, the two were not confirmed to be connected to the issue. Specifically, the latency is connected to the Cashbook application. Regardless, the issue with Cashbook seems to be resolved now. 


      Let us know if you require any other assistance.



  • We are also having this problem.

    There is another thread with the same and MYOB have responded on it saying they are working on teh cashbook issue diligently and no definitive timeframe. Link below


    AO Ledger - Cashbook - not loading - MYOB Community


    Just curious, is anyone else having this issue, also unable to lodge as well? We just have an error when we try to lodge. But it has no further details. It says we have "sent" but it doesn't say the ATO receive, reject or accept. So it is as if it's sent but that is it.

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      Hi everyone, 


      Trust this message finds you in good health. It appears that the issue we're experiencing with the cashbook is linked to the AO Ledger, which is currently stuck on the loading screen. As pointed out by Raychel, we don't have a definitive timeline for when this will be resolved. Rest assured, any updates on this matter will be promptly shared on this page.


      We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to work on this.




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        Hi Genreve,
        Thanks for confirming.

        Is it known if this issue could somehow also be affecting tax lodgments?

        We have also experienced an inability to lodge with just an error coming up on teh validation that says it was sent, but the ATO side having nothing next to received, accepted, rejected.
        Even simply creating an amended return has been delayed in updating the tax return screen to display the amended return icon.
        When we click the tax return tab while not extremely slow there is somewhat of a delay.
        Logging into AO is even taken over 3 minutes.
        Do you think this is all somehow related to the problem MYOB is experiencing or could MYOB be causing these issues just as a flow on while other areas are being worked on?
        Thank you