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4 months ago

Overpayment from account but not payroll - how can I reconcile this?

Hi all   I accidentally overpaid an employee 29 cents but didn't realise for a few weeks.  The overpayment was from the bank account but not reflected in STP, which showed the correct amount. The e...
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    4 months ago

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    Thank you for your post. I found this post that has detailed information provided by Steven_M that should work for you.


    Alternatively, you may do the following steps below:

    • Create a payroll clearing account or a suspense account.
    • Create a Receive Money entry for the overpayment in the bank account and allocate it to the Clearing or Suspense Account.
    • Allocate the correct payroll payment and the overpayment deposit on the bank feed to the clearing or suspense account. The balance should be zero.
    • Open the bank reconciliation screen and manually tick both the overpayment deposit and payment. The bank account should then reconcile.

    Let me know if you still require further help with this. On the other hand, you can also reach out to our virtual assistant, MOCA, on our website, or you can request support via my account at 


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