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4 years ago

Reconciling accounts

Hi Im new to all of this and slowly working things out. I have gone to reconcile accounts and have noticed that some of my clients have the same deposit amount and withdrawals on the same day.  All ...
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    4 years ago

    Hi PatrishaO 


    When an order is converted to an invoice AccountRight transfers the deposit amount to the Trade debtors account, this transaction is the Transfer from deposit transaction in your screenshot. Once the order has been converted to an invoice you can't just delete the payment, you need to reverse the invoice first. This help article has step-by-step instructions for that: Customer deposits


    Before you do that though, I'd do a full audit of all the accounts associated with that transaction. Looking at the Reconcile Accounts window you've got two deposits and one withdrawal, with the net result being one deposit which I think is correct. You may not need to delete and re-enter the payment if all accounts are correct.


    Another really handy tip for AccountRight, when you have a transaction window open type Ctrl+R on your keyboard to recap the transaction and show the actual journal posted in your software.


    Please let me know if you need further help.


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