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2 years ago


Hi At the end of every year we archive the current year's jobs list - by exporting, changing the Sub Job to an Archive header made and making them an Inactive Job. As we have over 2100 jobs it is us...
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    2 years ago

    Hi CropServ 


    Thank you for the details and files. 


    I tested importing your job file with AccountRight v2022.6 sample company file by creating a header account called 'ARCHIV2021-2022', all jobs imported successfully (with some warnings).


    I think the problem you are having resides with job 'ARCHIV2021-2022' in your company file, it needs to be a header job in order to move all the other jobs under it, and error -4131 indicates that it cannot be made into a header because this job has allocations in your transactions files. If that is the case, you can look into renaming it then create a new header account with the desired name then move the jobs under it. And I do suggest using 'Auto match' instead of 'Match all'.


    Please feel free to let us know how you go.