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3 months ago

Bank feed + Bank reconsiliation

There is a payment from our customer in our bank feeds which is one total amount of 9 different sales invoices of that customer. The Sale invoices were closed off and allocated through our function t...
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    3 months ago

    Hi MWRLC,


    Thank you for your response.


    Looking at your account, it seems you're using AccountRight Live, so I'll cover both options for you. If you're working with the desktop version of AccountRight and you happen to receive multiple customer payments as one lump sum deposit, it's best to utilize the Prepare Bank Deposit feature. This handy tool lets you group receipts together into a single deposit, aligning perfectly with what's shown in the bank feed. If you haven't tried out the Prepare Bank Deposit feature yet, you'll need to hide the bank feed transactions and then manually reconcile the AccountRight transactions.


    Now, if you're using the AccountRight browser version, you're in luck! This version allows you to select multiple transactions to match one bank feed transaction to multiple transactions.


    For more information, please check out these Help articles:

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