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2 years ago

Bank Reconciliation Out of Balance



I like other people on here have a similar problem with Bank Reconciliations with it being out of balance since the update.


From what I can tell the reconcile area is mis-reading the closing bank statement from the bank.  It looks like you can manually change this box to match the real closing bank statement but when you click save/reconcile it doesn't save that box and it reverts to the number.


I bank with ANZ so I assume the problem is some sort of misalignment with the bank feed.




Tom Gray

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    Hello Tom (Tom1234567890)


    Thank you for your post. The workaround that you may have noticed where you do a fake reconciliation is to enter the bank balance the same as the closing balance (so this way it will allow you to press reconcile). When doing this, make sure the date is in the future (e.g. 31/10/2023), then select reconcile. After it's reconciled, undo that reconciliation.


    Doing this should refresh the system to show the correct last reconciliation date and amounts.

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