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5 months ago

Unpaid Bills not available to match with payment

I am trying to match a payment to various supplier invoices but only 3 invoices are displayed, the other 8 invoices are not shown.  All invoices are on the Unpaid Bills report.
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    5 months ago

    Hi Doreen


    I have worked around this problem now so can't send a screenshot - the bills are closed and matched to the payment.


    It seems obvious to me that the problem occurs when you are working with old bills, moe than 365 days older than the payment transaction.  Our screenshots and reports sent previously show this situation.


    If you want to recreate it I suggest you enter a bill dated 2022 for example then try to "Match" it to a current payment 2024.  The bill won't appear if the date is >365 older than the payment date.  The help informaion actually says this so it's a deliberate restriction.